Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings

Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings


Cassie and Paul Morris, LittleThings' adorable married editors, take us through a countdown of the day's most uplifting and inspiring trending videos. Get ready to laugh and cry while staying up to date on all the viral videos that your friends are talking about.

Aired June 25, 2017

A Gender Reveal Surprise

An adorable baby hippo learns how to swim. Then, a special gender reveal surprise from our very own producer Erika Santos.

Aired June 24, 2017

How To Make A Stickman Dance

The world's smallest fox is born, and a rescue puppy is saved at the last possible second. Then, Whitney teaches us how to make a stick figure dance.

Aired June 23, 2017

A Visit From Cassie's Best Friend

Brittany Sholar, Cassie's best friend, stops by to share her favorite memories from before Cassie became the host of Refresh!

Aired June 22, 2017

Empowering Women Through Beauty With Tanisha Akinloye

Tanisha Akinloye, CEO of the Empowering Women Through Beauty Foundation, tells us how she helps the underserved members of her community from a salon chair, and why she aims to help every girl realize they are queens.

Aired June 19, 2017

Woman Paints Masterpiece Using Mouth

A woman doesn't let an accident that left her without the use of her arms stop her from painting. A baby can't stop giggling while Mom peels boiled eggs.

Aired June 18, 2017

Father's Day Surprise

A silly duck can't figure out that toes aren't food, and Mike gets a special Father's Day surprise!

Aired June 17, 2017

Baby Elephant Loves Lullabies

An entire family packs into an ultrasound exam room to see if Mom’s going to have a newborn boy or girl! Then, an orphaned baby elephant falls into the arms of her caretaker for a snuggle, and a surprise hospital prom lifts a special patient’s spirits.

Aired June 14, 2017

Touching Father's Day Letter

A woman writes a moving letter to her husband for Father's Day. A couple surprises their family by revealing they had twins.

Aired June 11, 2017

Cheesy Bacon Hashbrowns

Baby bear just wants to cuddle! Plus, an adorable plane proposal leaves a couple flying high, and a shower-loving kitty proves not all cats hate water.

Aired June 9, 2017

Singing Dog

A talented fur baby belts Whitney Houston. A groom gets emotional when he sees his bride walking down the aisle.

Aired June 7, 2017

Meeting Musician Marie Miller

Musician Marie Miller helps Cassie count down the top clips of the day, then Marie performs a song for the Sugar Cube audience.

Aired June 6, 2017

Genius Chicken

An intelligent chicken performs an impressive card trick. A silly horse plays with a toy cow.